Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Magazine Alert: Tar Magazine

A new art and fashion biannual from Tar Art Media, Tar Magazine is set to launch this month with a cover created by the one and only Julian Schnabel with a raised logo in his childish handwriting. Tar Art was formed in 2006 by Blackbook Magazine founder Evan Schindler and Diesel marketing man Maurizio Marchiori to be a "media company with a message."

The magazine aims to be sustainable with--guess it--tar. It will be published on a combination of recycled and eco-paper (meaning a tree is planted for every one cut down). In the magazine's prototype, every page had a swatch of tar on it, creating a "visceral experience," says Schindler.

Purple Magazine's editor-at-large Bill Powers will act as editor-at-large of Tar as well, and October's contributors include Matthew Barney, Juergen Teller, and Terry Richardson. What might be most striking of all, the back cover of the 300-page debut issue is not an ad, but instead a "Vote Obama" drawing by artist Nate Lowman in the vein of Warhol's "Vote McGovern" silkscreen.

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