Friday, October 3, 2008

Conde's Grand Addition

Okay, so we're in an economic crisis and the last thing a logical publisher would do is put out a new fashion magazine, right?

WRONG. Pop Magazine founder Katie Grand has been tapped by corporate magazine megahouse Condé Nast for a new biannual fashion mag, beginning in March. Still unnamed, the publication will be a larger format and provide Grand with Condé's big budgets for the first time. It's a shift for Condé Nast, known for straight-laced Vogue, but the publisher still promises the magazine will have Grand's "edgy and experimental" style.

Grand was first recognized working on the launch of the never-disappointing Dazed & Confused, then moved on to the ever-influential The Face until 2001. She is most famous, though, for founding the fun and energetic Pop magazine in 2000. All of these are British glossies--will Grand be leaving Londontown for NYC?

It's very exciting to combine Grand's grand ideas with Condé's grand finances, but I hope she won't be trading in a bit of her soul for this new job. Grand told the Guardian, "I'm really looking forward to building up a new magazine from scratch again - a fresh start is always fun, and we have lots of ideas we can't wait to start working on."

Below is Pop Magazine's debut issue cover with her original Letter from the Editor. To read it at the Premiere Issue Project, click here.

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Carbon Couture said...

And her nick name is Katie-Grand-a-day...because that's her styling fee!

Gotta love Conde being ever-mindful of our economy.