Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Just Like Nancy Pelosi!

It's official--Nancy Pelosi and I are total twins!

The Speaker of the House opened the 2008 American Magazine Conference on October 4 with a keynote speech and a brief Q&A. Pelosi confessed she's an "addict of magazines"--just like me! She went on to thank the 400 magazine industry professionals in attendance, saying: "Thank you for the information. Thank you for the entertainment. Thank you for the diversion. Thank you for the strengthening of our democracy you all provide."

The conference, which ended last week, unsurprisingly centered on the fears of print dying and speculation of how magazines should move into other media. The tone, however, was generally upbeat, with most of the speakers excited for the future. It seems fitting that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bridge between camera-ready celebrity and outspoken politician, also spoke at the conference.

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