Saturday, September 20, 2008

Prescription: Subscription

V Magazine will always be a favorite. It's spreads are thought-provoking, its content extends beyond trends and its sheer large size makes the magazine and its images feel important and valuable. It's the monthly mainstream offshoot of Visionaire, the avant-garde publication centered around a fundamental theme.

So to my surprise, I discovered that V lowered its annual subscription from $40 to $10! It's brother publication (actually doing better than V) VMan also lowered its subscription rate to $10 as it changes from biannual to monthly this October. You know my checkbook came out for that deal, and so should your's.

But the lowered price makes me wonder if V will be going in a cheaper direction, not only in price but in content too. Its former editor Christopher Bollen jumped ship to the new Interview Magazine (another ultimate favorite of mine), marking a turning point for Visionaire-cofounder and current V Magazine editor Stephan Gan. The last issue with glamazon Gisele on the cover was pretty lackluster. Was it an attempt to make their magazine more mainstream, or just a summer issue slump? Though this month's issue with 14 different black-and-white covers of top models (my favorite of course is dutch model Lara Stone) is their biggest issue yet. We'll see how it plays out over the next year now that we're subscribed.


Carbon Couture said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as V Man. I saw Nylon Guys in the mag store on Lafayette and Spring (my new go-to bodega for all fash magazines) and thought of you. You're the only I know who would read such a publication, but you probably already know about it.


The Magraker said...

I'm not so into Nylon Guys, they always have like skateboarders or surfers on the cover, though this month has hunky Emile Hirsch. I know exactly which mag store you're talking about. It was my weekly tradition to treat myself to a new magazine there every Friday after work. The good ol' days. --B

joandubinsky said...

I think you are an innovator in this field and I admire your work!

Modelizer said...

I honestly just gasped that I can finally afford to subscribe to V [and not feel guilty] YAY! Thanks for the heads up.