Friday, September 19, 2008

Gossip Folks: Plenty Magazine

First was Oprah. Now Al Gore?

Adding to his Current TV network, it's rumored that Big Green Al is planning to buy the environmental-centric magazine Plenty, according to Portfolio Magazine's Jeff Bercovici. Haven't heard of Plenty? Me neither. But after the success of his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, is Gore hoping to turn his failed 2000 presidential run into media mogul-dom?
Gore's on the cover of this month's issue, counting the top twenty green do-gooders. While I appreciate his dedication for environmental causes, dating way before the Going Green trend, I can only hope that we won't be seeing Gore's hammy face on each month's issue, Oprah-style. If it pans out, it will be interesting to see if magazines are still a lucrative extension of one's media empire in the year 2008.

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Michael J said...

I've heard of Plenty! Scarlett had several old copies at her apartment. Seems like Gore wants to be the conquerer of all things 'green'